Production of diamond powder

Diamond powder - necessary thing in many different fields of the industry. The products are demanded by enterprises of machine-building, metallurgical, defense and other industrial complexes.

Grinding powders are used in the manufacture of tools, made to process carbide and other hard materials, for sharpening carbide tools.

Also polishing powders are used forprocessing  any surface, as a raw filler in the production of heat-resistant high-strength products.

The company «INREAL» produces and sells diamond grinding powders from natural, synthetic and detonation diamonds and paste them.

In 2010, our production was processed and produced over 16 million carats of industrial diamond powders of different factions. However, at times the processing capacity of the factory exceeds that.

The company has a serious scientific developments and can offer customers a unique powder, the minimum size of it's grain is 5 nanometers.