The company «INREAL» was founded in the early 1990s, by the professionals of diamond industry. Lately the company has won a high reputation among enterprises in this market segment.

Today «INREAL» is a leading manufacturer of technical diamond products and diamond grinding powder. These products are demanded by a variety of industries.

On the basis of «INREAL» were floated two separate companies - «Nevsky Brilliant» and «New diamond technologies». Today three companies, together, formed a diamond holding, provides waste-free production of diamond processing.

Another leading direction of the company is the enrichment of rough diamonds, including repeated (regeneration), i. e. getting diamonds from any diamond bearing product, regardless of its size.

«INREAL» is engaged in production and sale of diamond grinding powders from natural, synthetic and detonation diamonds, and pastes them.

The company produces and non-standard products such as diamond windows and ophthalmic lens blanks and blades for eye microsurgery.

Promising line of activity is growth of large synthetic diamonds for the electronic and optical industries. Because of their unique properties it can be achieved principally new level of performance of electronic and laser devices. Today, we are searching solutions that will allow to overcome the world technological barrier and organize quicker crystal growth and in a great quantity.

«INREAL» has technologies that provide high efficiency of production processes. Labor costs achieved through the optimization and implementation of new technological solutions. Experts of the company have the necessary competence to perform the design, construction, and debugging of the equipment.

Holding company actively supports and develops productive relationships with leading diamantaires of Belgium, India, China and other foreign countries, sharing the experience.