Diamond scalpels

The thinest diamond scalpel - is a modern tool for eye microsurgery.

Diamond knife has several important advantages as compared with metal. He has a more long-life and high durability, does not blunt during operations and easily disinfected.

The process of making such a specific product includes a number of manufacturing operations that highly qualified specialist of company «INREAL» perform successfully: the creation of blanks on the basis of diamond slices, processing on cutting machine, thermochemical sharpening.

Diamond scalpel blade is perfectly smooth, because it is sharpened on a special thermochemical set , and the quality is monitored with the help of multiple magnifications. So during the operation injury of eye tissue is minimized, and seams remaining after such a scalpel, small and heal quickly.

It is literally unique product in the world there are only a few companies which can make it. Not surprisingly, this product is highly valued by medics - mainly ophthalmologists and cosmetologists.