Diamond Electronics

Heat transfer properties is extremely important for the development of power electronics, when you want to run through the ultrahigh frequencies the maximum energy. The speed of the heat transfer of diamond material is more efficient than silver, and the more silicon. Diamond has the potential to allow the electronics to bring a new level of development.

Today, chips still are based on a silicon substrate, which does not allow to improve the performance of electronic devices. It can be sold by the use of diamond substrates, on which we put the high-performance microchips.

First, however, we have to find a way to grow identical artificial crystals in a short time and on a commercial scale. Apply natural diamonds is impossible because nature can not find two of the same diamond, each of them has a defective original characteristics of the crystal lattice.

Now the company «INREAL» is looking for the solution of this task working closely with software companies that are interested in the development of electronic devices based on synthetic and natural diamonds.

Developments in the field of diamond electronics are strategic direction of the company «INREAL» which is realized thanks to our own base, allowing to grow diamonds.