About us


The company «INREAL» was founded in the early 1990s by the diamond industry professionals. Constantly evolving, introducing new technologies and strengthening contacts with colleagues around the world, it has won a high reputation among enterprises in this market segment.

Today «INREAL» is a leading manufacturer of technical products of diamond and diamond grinding powder. These products are demanded by a variety of industries, including the manufacture of high-tech products.

On the basis of «INREAL» were created two separate organizations - «Nevsky Brilliant» and «New diamond technologies». Joining of all three companies formed a diamond holding, which provides waste-free production of diamonds.

Company «Nevsky Brilliant» is aimed at making diamonds from natural diamonds of all sizes. Precision equipment allows us to cut diamonds on the latest technologies and products that meets international standards.

«New diamond technologies» - a company focuses on the synthesis of high-quality single-crystal diamond and change the color characteristics of rough and polished diamonds.

First, the scope of activities of «INREAL» - work with rough diamonds. Unique properties of diamond make it relevant and very valuable material, which is used in a variety of industries - from electronics to medicine.

«INREAL» sorts diamonds by size, shape, grain, color and form. The high accuracy of the operations is provided by the use of original technology and unique equipment.

Another major direction of the company - enrichment, including repeated (regeneration), rough diamonds. We can extract diamonds from any of diamond product, regardless of its size.

In addition, «INREAL» produces and sells diamond grinding powders from natural, synthetic and detonation diamonds, and pastes them.

We produce products such as diamond windows. Far stepped in the field of ophthalmic lens blanks and blades for eye microsurgery.

Promising business is growing large synthetic diamonds for the electronic and optical industries.

The reason for the need of these products for the electronics and optics - unique properties of diamond that make it possible to reach a fundamentally new level of performance of electronic and laser devices.

The company is proud of its employees. Most of them - not just specialists, but leading figures in the industry, have valuable years of experience. The uniqueness of the staff makes its geography: the company employs recognized masters not only from Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk), but also from Belarus, Ukraine, Israel and other countries.

We have the original technology, providing high efficiency of production processes. Experts of the company have the necessary competence to perform the design, construction, and debugging of the equipment. Labor costs achieved through the optimization and implementation of new technological solutions.

Holding company actively supports and develops productive relationships with leading diamantaires of Belgium, India, China and other foreign countries, and sharing experience.

Manufacturing facilities of the holding are based in Sestroretsk tool factory, where «INREAL» located in an area of more than 5 thousand m2.